Condos and Apartment Complexes

As a property manager for an apartment complex or multifamily dwelling there’s a lot you have to worry about, but a mountain of junk shouldn’t be something that’s on your mind. Smart property managers choose Waste Watchers for their Jacksonville, FL, Savannah, GA and Columbia SC compaction needs. We offer scheduled waste pickup, on-demand disposal, recycling consulting, open top dumpsters, and more. With our wide range of compactors and experienced staff, you won’t have a mountain of junk as one of your problems. Our services include (but our not limited to):

  • Compactors for Multi-Dwelling Solutions – We provide compactors for apartments, offices, condos, and multifamily dwellings. This makes it easy for property managers to keep the grounds clean!
  • Open Top Dumpsters for Property Managers – Our open top roll off dumpsters are ideal for any property management company and can be picked up on schedule or on demand.
  • Recycling Containers – Property Managers and their clientele are going greener every day. With sponsored programs and incentives you can save money by using recycling containers

All our disposal services are on-time and top notch. You’ll never have to worry about overflowing trash as we’re available for both routing and one-time pickups

Give us a call and tell us about your commercial waste management needs. We’ll help you take out the trash and get back to business.